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The revolutionary technology of the FLABeLOS Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines is not only backed by solid science but is being used by many professionals throughout the world. People involved in sports, healthcare, universities, fitness and trainers not to mention the huge number of celebrities are all using and benefiting from Whole Body Vibrations.

Development based on the balancing theory in sport science, the new FLABeLOS machine enhances proprioception, exploiting the muscles your body uses to balance itself to shake, shake, shake off the flab!

The FLABeLOS vibration plate unique balance training workout results in improved posture, blood circulation, muscle strength and flexibility. This compact new FLABeLOS vibration trainer is the ultimate workout machine that shakes you to becoming slimmer, fitter and healthier!

The Concept
The concept is based on Newton's Law on gravitation. The plates on the FLABeLOS move up and down at different speeds. Your body naturally tries to stabilise you. These amplitude changes and changes in speed increase the impact on the muscles and create more involuntary muscle contractions.

The tilting movement alternating continuously that results in muscle contractions and generates vibration impulses to you muscle. These impulses travel to the spinal cord along your nerves that controls the muscles for balancing movement. Head shake is minimised during exercise as the movement is absorbed in the pelvis.

FAQ About the Flabelos Machine

Can this machine be used for older people?
Yes, we have one client that has bought it and has 90 year olds using it, the lovely thing about FLABeLOS is that it is very low impact and you can go on it for 2 minutes a day to start with and you will feel benefits. It can also be used with the older person sitting on a chair and just putting their legs on the machine, this position is especially good for invalids and people that need to take exercise very easy.

Can it be used for children?
Yes within reason after all children should be climbing trees and playing in sandpits not using adult machinery, but I am sure if you have an over weight child it would only help them to loose weight, however we recommend that you consult a doctor first and that it is never used without adult supervision.

You can lose weight with FLABeLOS?
Absolutely. How it works is that the machine causes you to be unbalanced by shaking you around, your inner ear will automatically correct this, so your muscles go into action on signals from your brain that you need to balance yourself. The muscles clench and unclench faster than normal to keep you balanced. When this happens your blood is forced though your body very fast and reaches your capillaries which open with the blood being forced into them. This is what causes the sensation of heat and especially in parts that need trimming down, because simply put the blood in the capillaries heats up and starts to break down toxins and take fat with it. This ends up coming out through the urine and very often after using the FLABeLOS you need to go to the Loo.

It breaks down Toxins?
Yes, it is inevitable that this will happen because of the blood reaching every possible area of the body very fast. This effect has another bi-product……it helps increase bone mass density, especially in the elderly.

So if I get a FLABeLOS I will not get Osteoporosis?
There are no guarantees, but studies have found that in older people regular use of the machine helps increase bone mass density. We recommend that older people get a clean bill of health from their doctors. This machine is so good at improving blood circulation that it is recommend for Diabetics.

Where did the idea come from?
The vibrating exercise machine was actually invented by a Russian scientist in the '70s, he wanted to keep the cosmonauts up in space longer. He needed to combat the effects of weightlessness, which can be extreme. Without gravity our joins just keep expanding and you muscles weakening, this means when you come back down to gravity, you can't walk and it takes a long time to get your muscle-tone back.. With the machine it meant that the cosmonauts stayed up in the space station 2 months longer than the Astronauts. This kept them healthy and normal, in a gravity space it means that you are exercising when you use the machine.

Do you have any endorsements?
FLABeLOS is so new in England that we are still working on that, because as you can appreciate it takes a little bit of time for people to lose weight and tone up, but SASAKI is in touch with its distributors on a regular basis and we just keep hearing good stories. We have one doctor prepared to endorse already and we know that there are several endorsements from doctors in New Zealand and Australia.
For instance: The 70 year old lady that used because her daughter bought one for her beauty salon and lost an inch off her waist in 2 weeks.
The lady suffering from MS that has had to give up work, used the machine at one of the shows SASAKI exhibited at and was so amazed at the difference it made to her that she ordered one the following Monday.


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£35.00 for 12 paid up front    £2.91 each

£45.00 for 18 paid upfront     £2.50 each


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  1. Toning

  2. Burns Fat

  3. Anti Aging

  4. Lose Weight

  5. Reduce Cellulite

  6. Improve Circulation

  7. Improve Varicose veins

  8. Minimise Lower back pain


Ten minutes with flabélos = a one hour workout

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